PU - 70

Portable Cooktop Tables

Our Portable Cook Top allows you the flexility to transport your amaZing to any location whist enjoying all the same key features found in all amaZingTables and Built-In Hot Plates. The amaZing Portable Cook Top can be brought out at mealtimes, taken to weekend residences or to a friend s house. They are also perfect companions when travelling.

AmaZing Cooking Table

Product Information

Stainless Steel Type 304 Top

This High Quality Stainless Steel is the standard 18/8 variant that is best suited for all your cooking requirements. This easy to clean metal is highly corrosion resistant, extremely tough and is guaranteed to give you a long product life.

Electrically Operated

No need to install a complex gas system or carry a cumbersome gas cylinder around, all AmaZing tables run on electricity, making installation a simple matter of finding a plug.

Easy to Clean

It couldn't be easier to clean and look after your AmaZing table, simply clean with a moist rag or warm soapy water on a regular basis and then wipe dry.

Control Box A

Control your AmaZing table from a continently located, yet hidden, under-counter control box. The control box is visible with the simple to operate dial. Control box A is reliable, robust and always out of sight.

Product Specifications

Product Size: 
Diameter - 70 cm
Cooking Area: 
40 cm Diameter
Heating Elements: 
1 Heating Elements
8 cm
12 kg
Voltages Available: 
230 Volts, 8 AMP 1800 Watts, 50-60 Hz 7000 BTU, 1.8 KW/hr
115 Volts, 15 AMP 1800 Watts, 50-60 Hz 7000 BTU, 1.8 KW/hr
Steel Type: 
Stainless Steel Type 304
Table Finish: 
Silk Brushed Finish
Control Box Included: 
Control Box A